Hi, I'm Neha! Nice to meet you. I'm currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and Business Administration in the M.E.T program.

I'm an aspiring product manager, idea whiz, and avid reader. From a nationally-recognized app fighting food insecurity to matchmaking at Berkeley, I'm passionate about seeing technology come to life and create change.

📋 Work Experience

👩🏾‍💻️ Side Projects

🗓️ Extracurriculars

🏆 Awards

📰 Media

For fun!

👩🏾‍🍳️ Cooking - ask me about my newest foray into molecular gastronomy or attempts at 10-course meals

🎢 Roller Coasters - I've been on the world's tallest roller coaster!

💃🏾 Kuchipudi Dancing - I love telling stories through Indian classical dance


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